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Knowing About The Medical Benefits Of Marijuana

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Marijuana, as you all know, is a drug which is banned in several countries. There are various researches going on to know about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. It is a plant which certain people make use of, and they have experienced several changes in their health. Is marijuana safe if consumed rightly? Is it legal to grow marijuana? These are the major questions that we come across when we talk about marijuana. There was a cbc radio interview which discusses the benefits of consuming marijuana. The link highlights the right to make use of marijuana for medical purposes.
The article below would help people to know about the medical facts of the plant marijuana.

Is Marijuana Legal?
Almost 29 states in Washington have made use of marijuana legal. But there are policies being framed against the use of the plant. Consuming marijuana according to the Federal Government is illegal. Majority of people in America support the use of medical marijuana, and millions of Americans are currently using it for various purposes.

Marijuana contains nearly 100 active components. It contains THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the ingredient which causes the high when people consume marijuana. Cannabidiol((CBD) present in marijuana offers various health benefits. The CBD helps to treat insomnia, anxiety and also serves as an effective painkiller. It also helps in treating epilepsy, and even childhood epilepsy can be treated with the CBD dominant marijuana.

Medical Benefits
One of the common reasons for people making use of marijuana is that it is an effective painkiller. You cannot use the drug for severe pain. But it works wonders for chronic pain. It is used by millions of people who face problems due to aging. The drug is safe, and it may not result in addiction. People who have multiple sclerosis consume marijuana to ease the pain. People who consume marijuana feel that they can resume their normal activity without any strain. Marijuana is an excellent muscle relaxant and is used by people who have Parkinson’s disease. The drug lessens the tremors of the people affected by Parkinson’s. It is used to treat the chronic pain that occurs due to various health problems like endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, etc.
Marijuana can also be used to deal with nausea. It can also manage weight loss due to various reasons. The drug was found effective when used for veterans who return from the combat zone. It is also used to ease the pain caused due to HIV. It can be consumed by treating irritable bowel syndrome. There are various other medical benefits of consuming marijuana which is not mentioned above.

Consult With a Doctor
Patients consuming marijuana do not reveal this to their doctors fearing that he might criticize or talk bad about them. This makes them rely on untrustable sources to know about the drug. It is important that you consult a doctor when you wish to consume marijuana. Doctors should be open-minded and non-judgmental as there are no research results about the risk associated with the consumption of marijuana.

The above are the things you should know about marijuana and its medical benefits.

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